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City Council amends code, favors RCO reform

12/14/2012 | 

By a narrow vote of 4-3, City Council’s Committee on Rules yesterday approved changes to the new zoning code proposed by Councilman Brian O’Neill. The committee also approved changes to RCOs.

This would mean certain types of businesses — including group homes, auto shops and gas stations — would not be permissible in commercial corridors.

The vote goes against the recommendations of the City Zoning Commission, who wanted a trial period of a year to assess the code before any revisions could be made. The code was in place for three-and-a-half months before Council passed this adjustment.

The Rules Committee also favored a bill that would change the status of Registered Community Organizations (RCOs). This bill would require developers that need zoning board approval to notify not only RCOs, but also every resident and business owner within one block of the proposed property. It would also require multiple meetings between developers and RCOs to approve a project instead of just one.