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Unless otherwise noted, articles are written by Karen L. Black and Marianne Scott.
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Karen L. Black

May 8 Consulting

Karen L. Black is the Principal of May 8 Consulting, Inc., a policy analysis firm located in Media, Pennsylvania. In addition, Ms. Black teaches urban studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to beginning her consulting practice, Ms. Black was the founding director of the Metropolitan Philadelphia Policy Center, a region-wide policy center founded to research issues significant to Southeastern Pennsylvania and connect expert knowledge and other jurisdiction’s experience to regional policymakers.

Marianne Scott

Land Use Planning and Policy Consultant

Marianne Scott is an independent consultant, providing services in zoning and land use policy, site analysis and planning, feasibility studies, and special reports. Prior to consulting, Ms. Scott served as Director of Planning Policy for 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, a statewide organization committed to promoting sound land use policies and actions. Ms. Scott’s work includes research and publications on state and local land use laws, multi-municipal planning and implementation, and sewer and water infrastructure.